by Shay Rizzle

(Clayton ,N.C)

Ok so i was 13 wen i first got my belly pierced. I begged my mom for a couple weeks and she finally let me get it. I wasnt scared at all actually dat surprised me.

She took me to Warlocks in Clayton NoRth Carolina. the gut told me to stand in front of the mirror on the wall. He cleaned that spot up in
the marked it with a black marker.

He told me to look to make sure it wuz in the middle and lined up straight, it was so i sat in the chair and he layed it back so i wuz almost laying flat.

He opened everything in front of me to show me it was clean and new. Then he put the clamps on to hold the skin, he told me to relax and i did because i was talkin to the other guy who was taping it and taking pictures for their website.

I didnt even know he was done it didnt hurt at all. I was a cheerleader so it made that one push out:( A am now 16 and i got it redone and i have had it now for a monthe and a half. I love it so much….

I have 80 different rings for it and 15 different belly chains. I go to the beach alot lolzzz!!!~ If it is somehting you want get it jus take of it and you will be fine.

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