My Belly Ring Adventure

By Ashlee from Detroit.

It all started on when i was 16 years old.i asked my mama can i get my belly pierced. she said no.i was so mad at her.but a year later when my 17 birthday was coming around she said i can get one i was so happy..i couldnt wait so we went that same as we in the shop it was a man sitting at the front desk….
my mama told him what i was here for so he gave here the papers to sign.she signed them and gave it to me so i could sign my name i got so nervous.but after that thery called us to the back.and it was a lady sitting down in the chair waiting on me thats when i knew it was about to go down man i had so much fear in me that dat it didnt make any sence,

so she said are you ready i saod i guess!!!the lady said its not going to hurt at just have to hold your stomach in .and count to yourself so did i was like 1234 and it was in .she said you did very i said thanks.atfer that she told me how to take care of it she go to a drug store and get this spray called batine you can get it from anywhere…

she said do not change it til 6 weeks.she said only take showers because if you get in a bathtub it would get i knw i wasnt goin to do that..but anyways i was so happy.i went home and kept looking in the miror,i went to school the next day showing took 6 weeks to heal too.den i changed it 🙂

but when you do choose to get you belly piecred go head and ask your parents.listen to the picer change it when they tell you.Do not do it to early or else it might close and you
do not want that.well this was my belly ring adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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