My Belly Button Piercing:O

by Briony


Okay i have been asking my mum for weeks and shes finally said yes! So we went to this place in westport in scotland and its called Spacey’s Bizarre Ink and they agreed to do it so my mum went to get money to pay for it and me and my stepdad waited in the shop.

She came back in and i asked the lady if there was a toilet i could use and i went to the toilet and then i went back to the room it was getting done in.

And the lady Karen asked me to stand up so she could mark my belly button so i did and she marked it.

Then she asked me to pick what colour of body bar i wanted so i picked the blue one. Then she told me to lie on the table so i did and she took the needle out of the packet and said you’ll be fine and i went and shut my eyes because i knew it would hurt so i lay back and she told me what she was going to be doing and i said well okayy…

so she clamped it with new clamps that i watched her take out of the packaging and new scissors and everything okayy right then she quicky put the needle through i was in PAIN!!! it was sooo sore i couldnt take it :O

then she said you might feel slight tugging when she put the bar through the tube and pulled the tube and i didnt feel anything really but i was in pain from the needle my face went white i felt dizzy and i was sick like i actually spewed up in the sick so she gave me some water and i spewed that up too!

So i lay back down on the table and she covered it up with a bit of kitchen roll and tape and after that we payed and went away! And btw the place was quite clean i would give it a 8/10

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