my belly button piercing

by kat


i thought about it for over 2 weeks before. My mum had it done three years ago and my sister 4 years.

I’m 14 and today i went in and had my navel pierced i went in there not too nevouse as my mum sister and my mums friend said you can hardly feel it.

The man invited me in and told me what he was going to do i choose the colour and then he told me to lay down. He frooze around my belly button area and started it really hurt as it went in and he but the needle in it hurt even more he said that was the worst over but it hurt even more when he put the bar in.

that was at 4 now it is 10.50 and it doesnt hurt much only if i knock it but im really glad i had it done but dont go in expecting no pain because it will hurt more i highly recomend getting it done to any age.

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