by Rachael


So I had been wanting my belly button pierced for like 2 years. My mom always said no, even though when my sister pierced her own nose my mom let her keep it in. So I said that it wasn’t fair and that if she gets a cool piercing I should get one too! My mom is all about fair, so she said yes (took her long enough).

So I went into this little tattoo place to get it done. They guy had me fill out a sheet and blah blah blah. My two friends were with me too, and one of them has like, all the piercings you can have, so when the guy asked me if I wanted a ring or a bar put in, I asked my friend and she said a ring because it’s easier to rotate while cleaning.

So we all went back to the room and I laid down while he got all the stuff ready. He marked me, I said go for it, and he clamped and stuck the needle through. It felt like getting a little shot.

I was pleased with how easy it was to deal with. He put the ring through and I paid him FIFTEEN dollars (damn cheap).
I soaked it in warm water with sea salt and cleaned it with Dial antibacterial soap every day. Right now, I have had it for almost exactly 3 months. I think I’m ready to change it.

I’ll admit, I am a slow healer for everything, including my piercing. But it doesn’t hurt to rotate it anymore, and it doesn’t crust up much, and I’m going to the beach real soon, so the water will help speed up recovery if I do it now.
So I would definitely do it.

But if you’re not mature enough to take care of it, you have no business getting a piercing that is so delicate at first. BE RESPONSIBLE.

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