My belly button piercing

by Amanda

(Aurora, Colorado)

OK so one day i was like mom can i get my belly button pierced and she was all like ya sure whatever its your body.

So the next day she took me to Mobb Shop Tattoo in Aurora, Colorado. I went there and they almost didn’t let me get it done cuz I’m 14, but my mom was there so ya. K so i went into a room and picked out a ring and then she marked the spot where i was getting it done and i was like ya that’s fine.

So i laid on a table and shes like don’t look you might pass out. SO i closed my eyes and my lil sis held my hand and then she was like 1, 2 and 3 and it went through.

It didn’t even hurt that much it hurt a little more than my cartilage. So ya i paid(35 dollars)and left. I loved it, but hurt later in the evening and also bled and hurt to move it.

The next day it felt fine. I clean it twice a day with Dial antibacterial hand soap and it works great. I changed a couple of days ago. I only had it in for like 3 weeks but i trusted that it was just fine to change.

So i did, but i still take out daily and clean (twice) it doesn’t hurt anymore. My friend only changed it after a week of having it, but i don’t advise changing it that early. Atleast wait a month and a couple of weeks.

But ya i love it and its great. So ya if you want it done get it and you’ll love it and look great. So ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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