My belly button piercing

By Devan, WB, Pennsylvania

Belly Piercing Story

When i was about 14, i wanted my belly button pierced soooooooo bad but my parents said no so i decided to pierce it myself. TERRIBLE IDEA!! It got infected so i took the ring out & started begging to get it professionally pierced.

Once again, i was rejected. but what did i do? I kept begging & begging & begging & then finally, they said yes! So me, my mom, & my sister went to a place called stormi steel fx. After all the papers & junk were signed, we went into the back room & i picked out a nice blue diamond ring. & before i knew it, it was pierced! no pain at all!

Now i’m 16 & i pretty much spend all my money on belly rings. I absolutely love my piercing! So if you’re thinking about getting it done, all i have to say is go for it ;]


  1. Okay I’m 15 & I recently got mine done a month ago on the 18th of October. I changed it 6 days after to a dangly one a peace sign & i fell in love with it, but i DO NOT recommend on changing it that early because mine hurt me everyday, when i sat, when i lay on my belly it hurts but it was bc i changed it TOO SOON. Luckily, mine didnt get infected. I got it without permission lol. but my mom found out cause i lifted my shirt up in front of her but anyway, clean it EVERYDAY! TODOS LOS DIAS! with anti bacterial soap or SEA SALT water. clean it good and you have to play with your ring so that it doesnt get crust all around it. I am in love with my piercing, i just want to loose at least 10-15 pounds so i can look even better with it. good luck <3

  2. i got mine done professionally when i was 13 a month before me and my family went to the beach, i am now 19 and i have never had any problems with mine. never been infected or anything. be careful with dangling piercings i will tell u it hurts if someone grabs u around the waist and accidentally pulls it… but i will say this, when i take mine out to change it i sometimes look in the mirror and since i have had mine for so long it looks sooo weird without one there. its became a permanent piece of me and i absolutely love it.

  3. What happened when you pierced it yourself? And would you say there’s hope for someone who does it themselves?

  4. I got mine done when i was 12:L you cant get dangley ones babe incase it rips it and your belly can get more infected. I got a white crystal and i loved it to pieces im only 13 now but i love it so much. I get infections alot but there really easy to get away just boil the keetle put not scented soap in a jar and put the boiled water in. wait for the water to cool down then use a cotten bud to clean it;)

  5. i really want belly button piercing so bad i want a dangling one even for the first time. I want one for my 15 birthday and im not gonna tell my mom.

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