My Belly Bar =]

by Maisi


well it was almost my 15th birthday and i really wanted my belly pierced but i thought my mum would say no. a couple of weeks later i manged to get her to say yes- but i had to book it and if anything went wrong she told me so.

well one of my friends had already had it done and i think they look lovely anyway so i booked it. and o course once i booked it all my mates were like oh yeh I’m getting that done my mums booking it. and one got it done the day before me so i went with her coz if it was hurt her a lot i wasn’t going to go get mine done, well she came out and she was fine so i was rally excited.

i went down the next day and was quite nervous, she called me in and i chose my belly bar, she then did all this stuff by the sink nd sprayed my belly (of course I’m a wimp so was holding my mums hand) she clamped it and i was a bit like ouch coz its tight and that, well anyways like a second later it was done =]

i wouldn say it hurt because it dint but you can definitely feel it its a weird feeling, you feel it brake the skin both times and you can feel it in you but it doesnt hurt. the weirdest bit is when the needles gone but the tubey bit is still there =O and when the belly bar gets pushed through everyone says that bit is horrible its not i didn’t really feel that either.

a week later i love its still rd obviously and a lil itch =s l0ol buh nevermind i love it and i don’t regret getting it done at all

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