Miley Cyrus got her Belly Pierced at Sweet 16!

Miley Cyrus Belly Button Piercing

Many of the comments we get on this post are negative.

Some believe that Miley should be more responsible as a role model to young girls.

Miley is proof that belly button piercing is not some dark, punkish trend.

It’s nice, it looks sexy and teenage girls can hope that their parents won’t object that much against getting their bellies done when they see Miley’s.

To be honest, I really don’t understand how some can putĀ Miley Cyrus down for getting her navel adorned – it makes no sense.

All she did was simply get her belly pierced for her 16th birthday!

Go Miley!


  1. is it ok for a guy like me to have his nose pierced like miley’s but the thing is i did it myself with a pin and an earring and its all fine it hasnt swallon up or gone red i can take it out and put it in the next day

    im also might think bout having my belly button pierced like miley’s cause she is so cool and im 17

  2. hi jess i agree i got my nose done yesterday and i wanted it done for 7 years and im 15 i also had my belly done 3 years ago for my birthday present from my mum and dad

  3. Hi Landa I’m jess I think ur right bt if the person wants her nose or belly button pierced then they should get them!

  4. If you 7-12 and have your navel pierced, that’s f***ing disgusting. I bet half of those girls don’t even have t**s let alone their period yet. Wtf is wrong with the world? Let alone parents? Its time to put the f***ing foot down and be a REAL parent not try to be the childs friend. The f**k are you going to show your navel ring to at that age? Your just fattening a frog for a snake. I couldn’t get mine until I was 16 years old. Now I’m seeing damn 8 year olds wearing skinny jeans and iphones and telling their “boyfriends” they “love them”. What in the flying f**k? I’m done with this generation-___- a bunch of f*t a*s kids that’s what.

  5. hi hannah just thinking its not the best idea bt if u want them badly then tell ur parents that uv got them ater uv done them and u can always do ur nose urselfs at home much love amber

  6. hi i just wondering if its a good idea for me being 12 and my friend 13 should we get our belly buttons peirced and our nose’s peirced behind our parents back’s?

  7. hi im sarah and i think i dnt matter how old u r wen u get ur belly button peirced its just r u goin to look after it cause im 8 and iv got mine peirced cause i was with one of my friends and we both got it done together and my friend is 9 and we both no how to look after them

  8. I think if you get your belly button pierced under 10 then that’s not good…I’m 14 and I just got mine pierced a month ago but why would a 5-9 year old need one ? But 10 and up is fine with me (:

  9. i dont think there is anything wrong with piercing your body at a young age:/, aslong as the person is mature enough to look after the piercing then i dont see the problem.
    i am thirteen and have got 9 piercings altogether, six ear piercings, one belly piercing & two nostril piercings, but i took one of them out to get the other side pierced

  10. Hey jade, talk to your parents. A good age is about 13. I just got mine done a couple weeks ago and I’m 15. I think 13 is youngest you should so if you’re younger it’s not recommended. Just if you do, take good care of it, it’s the easiest to get infected so never do it yourself.

  11. hi i want to get my belly buttom peirced and my mum and dad say im to young bt is still want to do it iv seen videos onhow to do it yoursef by using safty pins and needles and earring so please help

  12. hi its me again i went to have my nose peirced again but on the right so now i hav my nose peirced on the left and the right and atm they are both blue

  13. hi its me again im just wondering wat is the best hair colour to dye ur hair or highlights so it can go with a red nose peircing?

  14. i now im a guy bt i took my little sis who is 5 to get her nose and belly done and also she had her hair dyed like miley’s all cause she wants to be like her witch is fine

  15. Rbxx I wouldn’t be talkin cause I am 11 and I have my belly done and my cartilage and none are infected I do know how 2 clean it very good :$

  16. @Bethany: Not starting anything, but just FYI Miley actually does have her nose pierced (search it google images).

    I can’t wait to get my belly pierced, I’m going with my cousin who’s 16 when she gets hers done (I’m 21 and have wanted one since I was 17). If I had a kid I’d only let them get a belly piercing when they were 16 or older. When you get a belly piercing at like 10 or 11, as your skin grows it usually scars. Plus, I can’t see someone that young being responsible enough to properly care for a piercing that takes that long to heal.

    Just my two cents, peace =)

  17. Yo. Wtf is up with the nose piercings? Miley doesnt have her nose pierced so it is really unnecessary information. I honestly think that when you are 16, you have the right to decide. Under 16 and y’all are all spoiled brats. Im 20 and have 10 piercings and my whole back is tattooed. Seriously, all you who have piercings at 10, other than ears, need a reality check. You are not even in high school yet and by the time you get pregnant, you wont have it anymore. But, hey. Its your own choice and your parents.

  18. im 13 and got my belly pierced.. whats wrong with it? its just a piercing.. most people have their ears pierced and no ones moans about that :S

  19. ok soo im 15 and i have my belly peirced wtf is so rong with i have mine done and nobody made a big deal about it… but when miley or demi get theres done everyone has sh*t to say about it there aint nothin rong with it if they dont like it all they have to do is take it out dam…. well i think there cool and my family aint hatin on it so yea.

  20. Dude. Anyone one who gets a piercing under the age of 16 is growing up a little too quick. I mean, the only reason I got mine done before I turned 18 is because my birthday’s next month, so I got mine done on the 1st of this month so Im able to enjoy the summer. So, i still feel that 18 and up…unless you have a legit reason.

  21. miley can do wat ever she wants im thirteen and have my nose pierced and my belly so give her a break ppl she is just trying to grow up and every one should understand im not a big fan of miley but ppl just get over it

  22. What the hell is everyone making a big fuss about? There’s nothing wrong with belly piercings, people just need to grow up and get over it.

  23. look all of u guys leave her alone so wat if she has piercings
    all of u r jus hatas . im not a fan but props to u girl rock ur piercings

  24. i think ppl should just stay the hell out of other ppls busnesses, i was 12 when i got my belly peirced and igot my nose peirced wheni was 14. why does it matter to the wold damn would what other ppl do? it B.S

  25. Dude look i got my belly button and industrial pierced when i was 13 now i am 14 and have my nose pierced. I honestly dont seewhat the big deal is. Its her body and its her choice. Im not a big fan of her but i realy hate people who judge so yea leave her alone.

  26. miley i love belly rings i am 13 and i am geting my bellie done this year when i turn 14 i am aloud to there is this girl named carrie and she is so spolled she gets whatever she wants and she got hers done when she was 11 AND shes got her own touch screen cellphone and her own queen size bed she is so spoled i hate it it makes me so mad its like she gets everything at once and she always has her boyfriend over kikking him her full name is carrie ann bedendough

  27. I Did Have My Belly Pierced But I Had Too Take It Out Cz It Went Funny, But Im Gettin It RePierced Agen Soon, And Hopefuly It Wont Go Bad As It Did (yn) x

  28. miley is an awsome person an so wat if she got her belly button peirced i think its really kool i want mine pierced an im only 14 its not a tramp stamp its cute an evry1 pretty much has one theyre cute an fun if u dnt like them then y r u at this webiste looking at it

  29. k, seriously, anyone who is against this is gay. I got my belly and nose done when i was 14 an no one made a big deal about that. Alot of girls get it done because everyone else has it and it is pretty, simple.

  30. omg i don’t look like u got it done but i don’t matter u still look kewl wit ur nose and belly button pierced i am ur numbed #1 fan i been ur biggest fan ever sence i heard songs……

  31. i think dat you should leave her alone and let her live her live how she whats to and i think that it looks nice and i think that you should put yourself in her shoes andf think how you would feel if people were saying stuff about you xx

  32. Omg. Can’t you stop being such a jerks??? What’s worng with bellybutton piercing? People are picking on Miley for on reason. She is 16. She can do whatever she wants besides a lot of people do that so what’s the deal??? You people better get on with your lives and stop looking for somebody to pick on. ( I’m not american, english ot whatever so sorry for my eniglish if it’s not clear).

  33. Miley, I love your decision. I am 16 myself and my belly is done, too. A few girls in my band have belly rings too. Parents should let anyone over the age of 14 have belly rings. I don’t think that 12 year- olds should have them because they probably would not know how to care for them properly.

  34. OKAY WELL IGUESS it could be fake and im sorry no one really nos for sure either its real or not so im very SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY for yelling at u guys SOMETIMES YOU DON’T REALLY NO THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL FAMOUS PEOLE SO IT COULD BE FAKE OR IT COULD BE REAL BUT EVERYBODY HAS THERE OWN OPINION ABOUT WEATHER HER PIERCING IS REAL OR NOT AND I SAY ITS REAL BECAUSE I SAW IT IN A PHOTO SCANDEL BUT WHO KNOWS IM SORRY 4 LIKE THE 3RD TIME. opps i forgot to turn off my caps lock im sorry about that to because you guys probley thought i was yelling at u but i wasn’t…….I sware!

  35. HEY!!!!!!!!!!
    miley does have a REAL BELLY BUTTON PIERCING i saw it in a photo scandel picture on the internet so yall who think she does’nt YALL R RONG!!!!!!!!

  36. First of all she is old enough to get her belly button pierced I know a 15 year old who has a tatto that she got when she was 14. And I don’t think she has one because in the pics of her in the Bahamas in a bikini she doesn’t have one, unless she took it out.

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