Mii Navel Story..Lol

by SamanthaJo




I Was 13 When I Got Mii Navel Pierced..

The Only Reason I Wanted it Done Was Because It Was Sumthing Nobody At Schewl Had.So I Begged Mii Parents For Months On End..

Until They Finally Said Yes,I Was Sooo Happy.So Tha Following Weekend We Went To Tha Mall To Get It Pierced. Me && Mii Bestie Walked In Told Them What I Wanted..

Tha Man Took Me In Tha Back Room Cleaned It,Marked It & Pierced It..It Didn’t Hurt As Bad As I Thought It Would.Im Goin On 15 Now && Its Fresh..

I Love Mii Navel Piercing…So Anyone Who Wants To Get Their Navel Pierced All I Gotta Say Is Go For It!

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