Mi Belly ring

By Ashley from Alabama
belly ring_fbuHi, my name’s Ashley, and i got my belly button pierced almost one month ago . It was pierced by somebody that I’m close to who owns their own shop and has been in the business for a long time.

It cost 40 dollars and an extra 10 for the healing solution. It actually didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would, all you have to do is relax.

But, after wards i got dizzy and had to lay down. My piercer told me to clean it twice a day in the shower with antibacterial soap and turn the ring around. If you get it pierced, get the ring that is kind of like a hoop earring, because if you get the banana bar, it wont get clean on the inside, but with the ring, you can turn it all the way around.

She also said to spray it with the healing solution no more than twice a day. I have been doing this and it has been coming along normal. It is red, and it does get a little crusty, but it doesn’t hurt at all. If your belly button shows signs of infection ( bleeding more than normal, pussing, irritation) thensoak it in salt water for about 10 minutes. After about a month, you should go back and have your piercer check on how it is doing.

Thanks, and i hope i helped and i hope to get a tongue ring very very soon and i will be done with piercings. 🙂

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