Make sure its clean!!!!

By Dawn, from Barrie, Ontario.
while i was at my boyfriends house one day on his ipad i started looking up pictures of belly button rings because my freind in thunder bay had gotten her done and was begging me to get it done so she could buy a cute half hart best friends belly ring.

anyway i started looking up picture and my boyfriend come over to me and told me that i should get my belly piecred because he thinks have a sexy belly that has nice curves. lol. i was a liitle wary to the idea at first but after i awhile i warmed up to the idea, especaily when my friend told my she would drive down and come with me to get it done. thats when started doing some serious research on places to get it done.

i had thought that i had found a really great place and my friend and i went to the piercing place to find that the whole staff was so rude and disrespectful and that it was soooo sketchy and dirty. we diecided to go to the other place i found instead called lucky devil. when we got there the staff was really friendly and eventhough it as small it was very clean. so as we were waiting i started asking my friend if it hurt and i told her to be totally honest with me.

she said that she didnt fell the needle until it was all the way through and that the clamp hurt more then the actual needle. i didnt believe her. lol. i was texting boyfriend and he said he waas on break sso he could come watch me get it done. just as he arrived we got called into the back. he marked my belly button asked me if it was straight i said yes, then laid down on the dentist like chair, he clsmped mt belly, showed me the needle so i knew it was sterile. my boyfriend stood on one side and my best friend on ther other. he kept telling me to breathe which i thought was werid but i did it anyway and on my thrid breath he pushed the needle through. i felt it a little bit but it wasnt to painful. what really hurt was putting the jewlery through.

ive had mine for one year now and i love it more then ever.

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