Make Sure It’s A Cathcy One!

By Morgan, from Illinois.

So to start I got my navel pierced for my 15th birthday nearly five months ago. My mother had hers pierced since as long as I could remember so she didn’t really have a reason to say no! We scoped out a few tattoo parlors and it came down to two. Sideshow- great tattoo artists, $50 PLUS the prices of the jewelry, urban stories of disease, legal trouble with fake IDs and erm, marijuana. The second was called Lunchbox Tattoo- This is where my brother got his tattoo, no bad reviews online, moderate price of $50 including jewelry.

The obvious choice in my mind was Lunchbox. So my mother drove me and my friend there, we all went in, signed a few papers, got our IDs checked (For like six minutes!) and the nicest lady brought me into a separate room with a bed type thing covered in a soft paper thing for sterility. Before she had me lie down she had me stand up and stretch my arms up all the way as far as I could and made a nice little purple dot on the front of my belly. Then she had me sit on te bed thing and slouch a little and made another glorious dot. Then she put a dot between the two and had me lay down.

She sterilized the area with an individually packed alcohol pad. She pulled out a pre put together kit of a sterilized needle, sterilized jewelry, pamphlets for me, and sterilized clamps. She put the clamps on and oh boy those were obnoxious! They were so tight but it wasn’t exactly painful. She adjusted them a few times and then I got a giggle fit. I laugh when I’m nervous.

So I called up my other friend and put her on speaker phone because she wanted to be there too but she had to stay home (And I felt a panic attack coming on and she usually calms me down a WHOLE LOT!) The second I stopped laughing for a second she said, “Alright, honey, on three okay?” she continued, “One…two…three…four” A few seconds later I was confused and thinking about why she said three and is counting to four. Then she patted my belly and said “You did good, kid. I betcha didn’t even!
notice it!” I was really confused! The friend that had come with me had eyeballs the size of pennies and my mother was awkwardly examining the ladies license that was displayed prominently on the wall. I peeked down at my belly and it was pierced! It was starting to feel warm but the astringent of the alcohol was suppressing it a little. When I got up she explained everything in the pamphlet to me and said to clean it in the shower once a day. She also advised me about salt soaks. It was sore for two days, the rest of it kind of just faded really quickly.

Also the next day I was getting tickled in a pool (Pools are no no’s. I know but I’m a risk taker) and it fell out. I got the bar back in before it closed up but that scared me so much! I sterilized the inside, outside, and everything within a five inch radius of the area later. I did the shower washes with antibacterial, antimicrobial soap every day although I failed to do the salt soaks regularly. I believe the piercing is completely healed but infected beause there is a little boil around the hole on the bottom hole actually in my belly button.

I just bought some off brand spray Bactine. It doesn’t sting and it makes me feel clean without the awful stench of rubbing alcohol. I’m also applying witch hazel to both holes since I use it every day on my face to clear up my acne. The boil seems to be getting smaller or at least not growing anymore. I’m really pleased with my piercing and I plan on going to sideshow to get my tongue, nipples, and a nautical star spread tattoo some time after I turn 18 because there is no way my mother would bring me to get any of that done willingly.

Belly piercings aren’t too painful and are really gorgeous. I suggest this to any girl who wants to feel sexy and confident via piercings. Since its winter it seems to be my ‘own little secret’ because I’m constantly having my belly covered but once summer comes then, I’ll be able to flaunt it at the pool while it’s healed!

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