Gina gets a lower navel piercing

After spending the whole day out with her boyfriend Gina gets a lower navel piercing. It hurts even less than a cartilage piercing!

May 2007 Gina, New York

I had to wait a very long time to get my navel pierced. I was 16 when I first asked my mother if I could get it done. Of course she told me no, that I would have to wait till I was 18 to get it done. I don’t think that she really thought I was going to do it (because I am not big on pain).

Needless to say I am 19 now and I finally got it done! It has been a little over 6 months since I got me navel pierced. I decided to finally stop being chicken and get it done.

I had off from school for thanksgiving break. My boyfriend and I spent almost the whole day driving around looking for a good place for me to get it done. I had gone with my friend a few months ago to get her noise pierced so I decided to try that place she went to.

It was about and hour drive from where we were. Finally we got to the piercing place. I was so upset when I saw a sign on the door that read “closed until Nov 28”. I wanted to badly to get my navel pierced! I had finally worked up the guts to do it. I wasn’t going to walk away empty handed.

Lucky for me we had pasted another piercing place on the way there. I walked in and waited for a few mins with my boyfriend. I felt so out of place. Then finally after what felt like forever the “piercer” came and told me to walk into the back where the “piercing room” was.

I told the guy what I wanted. I wanted the lower part of my navel done because I wanted something different. He had my lay back in this chair, marked off the spot that I wanted. Then one…two…three…it was done. I felt a sharp “pinch” that was about it.

I think that getting your cartilage pierced hurts more then getting your navel done. When he told me he was done I couldn’t believe it. I looked at my new belly ring. It was wonderful.

The piercing didn’t give me too much trouble. It got a little sore a few weeks ago. I was so worried that it was infected; lucky for me the piercing was irritated. The soreness went away in a few days. That was about the only trouble it has given me.

I have finally been able to change it and it looks great! I’m so glad I did it!

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  1. im 13 im getting mine done tomorow i was wondering if it hurts but even if it does im gonna do it just take my ipod and listen to it

  2. i got my bottom navel done to and i was wondering how do u wear dangling belly rings because the big ball is suppose to sit in the belly button and most of the dangling belly rings have big balls so how do you wear it??

  3. Hey, was yours sore for a few days afterwards? Mine is sore as hell and i wanted to know if yours was if you had any advice on how to take care of the soreness….also what would you recommend cleaning it with? I’m using this stuff that you would usually use on your ears but i keep seeing the saline solution but alot of people say that they soak theirs and then wash it really good but i was told to wash with the saline solution. What’s your advice?

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