LoVe My SeXy BeLlY

Submitted by: MoNtY, TeXAs

i got my belly button peirced when i was mom went wit me.and trust me tha clamp hurts more than the actuall peircing,it hurt my mom more than it hurt me and all she did was watch.

at first it seemd like it was infected….it pussed,got crusty,bleed alil sumtimes,got sore when i finally changed it..but i jus kpt taking care of it like i was posed to and it got better.the first time i changed it i was scared it wud close so i had my mom push it in while i took the old one

i hated wearing the boring silver really didnt heal all the way until a year like they said.i love it now!i even went with one of my friends to get hers done.she got it bad ckuz she had a pervert doing hers.he said unnessary things and i bout cursed him smooth out.

he got sum words tho!!but i prefere everybody to go to the ppl where u have to pay more.theyre the ones who r sanitary and u get the nice room and the peircing actually glad i went sumwhere like dat.i even got to lay dwn,alot of my friends had to stand up.but yea thats my story!!!smoochez!!<3

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