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By Mya from Inkster.
Mya's belly piercing Well the first I got my belly button pierced I was 17 , my dad had said I can get it and I was so happy because at first I didn’t think he would let me get it.

My mom had took me to get it done at some place she went to go get her tattoos at and the person was nice and cool with some even cooler tattoos.

The lady who was piercing my belly button had rub alcohol on the spot where she was going to pierce it and I was so cold which made me a little scared but once she told me to breath in it was over and I didn’t feel nothing

She then cleaned it up and told me to use bactine 3 times a day and make sure I dont go swimming and if I need her to ask any questions she game me a number and sent me on my way .

They told me to wait six weeks but I kind of didn’t I changed it after like 3 weeks because I was tired of the same plain belly ring and nothing happened when I changed it. I keep it clean with bactine which is good to least to me but um I love my belly button piercing it is so ute to me and I am glad I got it.

I love all the little rings because the be lookin so cute and I also think my belly button make me even cuter with a swim suit on. 🙂

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