Lexi’s lucky day(:

By Lexi, from Staten Island.

One day in march , my mom took my sister and I out to eat and to go to Sally’s beauty supply . The lady at the counter had her belly button pierced and I commented how much I wanted one , the lady said she got hers when she was 13 , and I was turning 13 in a couple of weeks !

My mom asked her if it moved since she grew , and the lady said no . So a few days later my mom made me an appointment with my friends step mom , who was a professional piercer. We arrived at the shop and I had butterflies. I was so excited and nervous! My mom had to sign some papers and I was good to go . We walked downstairs and my piercer , Katie , told me to pick out the jewelery .

I picked a surgical steel barbell with light pink stones. She cleaned it and told me to lay down , she marked a spot on my belly and asked if it was good, I said yes and layed back down . She clamped it , and I felt my heart beating faster , I took a deep breath nd she put the needle through ! I didn’t even flinch even though my mom did. She put the jewelry through and cleaned it , and I was done. 🙂
She told me to clean it 3 times a day with soap and bactine.
My mom paid and we left. 3 months later I still have it and I changed the jewelry (:

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  1. Hi, I’m getting mine done the end of this month, and I live on SI too, where did you have it pierced?! Thanks

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