Let’s get sexy!

By Charlotte from Australia.
 One day I was at home watching the TV I was tuned in to the music station of the latest hits and I was a dance video of modern belly dance and I saw the peircings on their navals and I knew I wanted one.

I was 14 at the time and my mum was REALLY strict and I had to think up a way to convince her so on the holidays she was in a good mood and I drew up a contract depicting what I was going to do for the next twelve months (extreme I know but for my mother it is protocall).

So here’s what we agreed on: Cleaning the kitchen every night for a year, Giving up being a vegetarian (not really she just doesn’t know) and getting along with my sister (that was the hardest one) but I grueled through and she finally took me there.

I looked it up on line and I decided to go to a place in north queensland (Australia) because it was clean and they used clamps. The peircer sat me down on the table and told me exactly what would happen. I wasn’t nervous at all (I pride myself on my not-nervousness even with nedles)

The peircing hurt little more than a vacination needle (if anything the clamp hurt more). That term I showed it off at school and I got lots of comments about how it was sexy and not trasshh it took about two months to heal. And the really exciting thing was that on the holidays I went to japan with my school for a school trip and it had a beach I struted the beach with my peircing as well as the attention of having blonde hair I also had the attention of having a peircing and even better yet my ex was there and he was evily jealous (mwahahahahaaaa) evil laugh I would encourage you to get a naval peircing but please don’t be all trashy about it.

Good luck BABY!!!

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  1. OMG, your mom tried to make you quit being a vegetarian???? What a b*tch!!!! Good for you sticking to your morals and not going along with that!

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