Kim Kardashian’s Belly Piercing

Kim Kardashian might have became a celebrity overnight with her sex tape with singer ray j and partying at clubs with paris hilton, but with a photo i saw on complex magazine, i found out she has a belly piercing. Altough i dont have any info in when she got it she does look pretty with one.


Bronx, Ny


  1. shes really pretty but why does she keep her mouth open???shes really sexy and she always looks hot but, is the mouth open supposed to be more attractive? and i wonder what she looks like without all that eyeliner…shes prob still pretty i luv the kardashians.

  2. Kim Kardasian Is supper pretty, but I don’t like it how Justin Bieber has a huge crush on her.. that makes me wanna fuck her beautiful face upp..(:

  3. Honestly, I think that all these nasty people who bash the Kardashians and call them ugly and fat and other things are just totally jealous of them.I don’t see anything wrong with them!

  4. How come all the Kardashian’s have like perfect bodies!??! I’m so jealous! And she looks perfecto with a belly ring.

  5. Omq She Is Soo Pretty And Sarah Plz Stopinq Hateinqq If Youu Think She Is Uqly Thenn There Is SumThinqq Wronqq Widd Youu!! i Love You Kim Im Like Youur Biqest Fann And i Watch Youur Shows All The Timee i Think Youur Amazinqq! (: i Hopee i Meet You Onee Dayyyy<$

  6. This girl is ugly as sin. But the belly button piercing does improve her look as opposed to her with out one. Still a butterface, through and through. Maybe a double or triple bagger.

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