karmen’s story!!

By Karmen from Southport, England.

I only wanted my navel piercing for like 6 months before I actually got it, I’ve always been a bit of an impulse decision maker, haha.

My mum was cool with it too, she said because i was 15, I could have it done as long as we find a decent piercer to do it.

Me and my best friend ellen went with my mum to Liverpool to find a good body modification studio, we finally found one, I can’t remember the name of it now but it had ‘body’ in the title.

The piercer was a tall woman called Scarlet, she was so nice and made me laugh a lot!

She was really polite and she told me all about what was going to be done to pierce my tummy.

She showed me a range of belly bars and I chose a green, white and blue one :D.

I was really nervous at first, I had to hold ellen’s hand and my mum’s hand, but Scarlet talked me through the procedure.
First she measured me up, then drew on my tummy to mark out where she was going to put the clamp.

On went the clamp and then the freezing spray – that tingled quite a bit but after like a minute I couldn’t even feel the clamp pinching anymore.
I wasn’t nervous anymore, I didn’t care if it hurt or not, I wanted the piercing and nothing was going to stop me!

Next Scarlet got out a sterile needle from a new packet, I didn’t look at what she did next because needles make me feel a little ill.
I didn’t feel the actual piercing happen, i just remember my mum telling me it was all over now and that it looked really good, so I stood up and looked at my new piercing in the mirror. I really really liked it!

Scarlet gave me a flyer on how to look after it, it included a cleaning routine and what not to do, to make sure it heals okay.

I’m now 16 and my piercing is completely healed up and I still love it!
I think everybody who wants to have theirs done should do it, honest it barely hurts one bit and if your scared take somebody with you to calm your nerves 😀

Much love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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