It’s worth the wait!

By Lucy, Burnley

Belly Button Piercing

I”d just turned 13 when i decided i wanted my belly pierced… A shop had opened in my local market , and i was desperate to start off a new craze.

Unfortunatley for me at the time my parents were a bit over protective about it and wouldn’t let me have it done. 🙁

I begged and begged i was even reduced to tears at one point i really did want it done that badly. Eventually me and my parents came to a conclusion and that i would get it done for my 14th birthday. 😀

Well 8 months down the line and i decided to ask early presuming that they would say no and to my supprise after a long decusion they said yes! :lol:  I was so happy i still have it done now i’ve had it in for 12 months and love it. ❗

As long as youu clean it everyday with salt and water and make sure that you don’t get any infections everything should be fine good look at its definatley worth the wait to anyone who was thinking about getting it done , don’t let anything put you off!

A lot of peope say it hurts but i thought it was nothing more than a little pinch. 😉


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