Its not what i was expecting….

By Tanya from Moorefield.
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My story starts in a little village in ireland. Not many people have even heard of belly button piercing, let alone gone and done it!! I seen Britney and a few other celebs getting their bellies pierced and just knew I had toget mine done!! at the time (about 2 years ago) I was pretty heavy!! I wanted to lose some weight. I went to Weight watchers for 12 months and lost 2 stone (around 30 pounds in american speak!). I looked up some websites for advice before I found a studio in Dublin that would pierce my belly for me – I’m not underage or anything – it just wasn’t easy to find a place I liked. I found this website amazing for advice  on aftercare and the best type of belly ring to get for first time piercings.

Eventually i went for a titaniun belly ring because i read they were the best for first time piercings.  I took the belly ring to the studio with me and the guy (Tony) sterilized it for me. Tony was soooo hot – I swear I was trembling every time he touched me! IHe tought it was because I was really nervous about gttin my belly pierced! If only he knew!! I was so distracted by Tony that I didn’t notice the piercing going in!! It seemed like I’d only been in the chair a few seconds when he said ‘take a deep breath’ and BAM it was in!!

I have to say it was pretty painful. M0st of the stories id read said it was only a pinch, but I disagree!! But I recommend it to anyone!! Especially if you get it done by Tony!!  Tony and I spoke about aftercare and any problems that could arise in the next few weeks and months. He was really helpful and gave me some booklets on piercing aftercare. he even gave me a bottle  of cleaning spray.

god I nearly asked him out but some woman came in and must have been his girlfriend or something!! He seemed really into me and I caught him glancing at me a few times…. I was so jealous. But I got my belly ring and it looks fantastic – I love it so much.

Thanks to Tony and you guys on this site – you made a little dream come true for me!!

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