Its not easy being green!

By Erin from Yreka, U.S.

My sister got her belly button pierced when she was 18 and I wanted mine done too. I was 15 and my mother said no.

I was so jelous as I watched my sister take care of her piercing. She would take half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night to clean it. It was so beautiful and it seemed to give her more confidence. After about a month her belly button started turning red and it got infected real bad. She had to get it taken out at the hospital. What a bad way to find out you are alergic to metal.

Well that was many years ago.I have been buying belly button rings for years just waiting to get up the nerve. They sit in their packages waiting for the day I can open them and use them. I am 27 now and I got a piercing on friday. I have had no problems with metal piercings in my ears I hope this works. My husband took me to a local piercing place. I had been there before to see how they clean their equipment. Each needle is packaged in sterile packaging and onlyh used once then thrown awa.. The guy answered all of my questions. I picked out a bar that had green stones because green is my favorite color. He made me feel relaxed about a needle piercing my flesh. He used an alcohol pad that numbed the area.

I clean it every morning and every night. I use a shot glass with sea salt and warm water to clean it and pull out any infection in the mornings and I shower with antibacterial soap at night. I see no problems and I am excited about how it looks.

I may have waited a long time for this but I think it was worth the wait.

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