Its about time!!!

By Michelle, from Cawood.

Ever since i was 13 i wonted to get my belly button pierced but of course my mom would not let me so here iam 11 years later i did it.

Even though i had other piercings( lip ,nose nipples, tounge ,clit) i was still scared. i still cant believe i did took me several minutes and attempets to actually do it,thank god the person doing it was a close friend and that i had my husband their to hold my hand or i would have not done it.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, it only took a few seconds the only thing i hated was the clamps i didnt even fell the needle i sware it was done right in my own living room with my three kids and their friend watching.come girls if i can do any one can.

I just had mine done last night yeah it a little sore.but thats all.i was told it should take it six weeks to heal and to keep it clean and i should not have any problems.come girls i know you can do it. you wont regret having it done i know i dont 🙂

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