It’s a Tummy Clincher

This belly piercing story was sent in by KyAzia from New Jersey!

Belly Button Piercing Story

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I went to a place in NYC and it was nice they were kind, talked me step by step.

Also they told me the risk and the baggage that comes with the belly piercing.

My sister and I waited for a bit to calm my nerves down and then we went in the back, she signed a few papers, then I was ready to go ❗

The guy marked then made me lay down. He used a clamp and took the needle and pushed it through!

It kind of felt like a pinch but it wasn’t worse than a bee sting. He pulled the jewelry through and I was ready to go.

In the end he read me the aftercare instructions and told me about the h2Ocean spray. And I was out the door! 😉

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