It took me a while….

By Joshulyn, from Morrow,GA.

It all started almost 3 years ago when i was 12 and i thought a belly ring was so cool. I asked my mom could i get one when i turn 16 and she said she will think about it.

Fast foward to now when im 14. In March she came out the blue saying i could get it done. I was excited thinking i could get it that Saturday. But days and weeks went by and i still havent gotten it yet. So when i got out of school for summer i was looking for places i could go to get it done. Then Sunday the day before Memorial Day i asked my mom was she off work to see if i could get it done. She said yes.

On Monday (Memorial Day) my mom had said take a ride with me, and she drove me to a tattoo shop. We signed the papers and i picked out a silver belly bar with red diamonds. My birthstone, then he went to sterilize it. After a few minutes went by he told me and my mom to come to the back. I layed down on this doctor like bed or table whatever it is, and he cleaned off my belly button. He marked it then got the needleready. All i felt was the needle go in and next thing you know my mom was like “Aww you didnt cry.” I like my belly ring but i cant wait to change it.

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