it got stuck!

by Tiff

So, I am 14 and no place will possibly pierce my bellybutton, it was getting late and I couldn’t wait any longer I had to get it done.

So we find this one really crappy place that seemed very gross. I ask about the piercing and the tattoo artist says to me, I’m sorry but our piercer just left, I was really upset at that moment when the tattoo artist said he would call him to see if he would come back, he called him and said yeah he is coming back anyway because he forgot his cigarettes.

I thought to myself ooh wow this is great,,, they had no cute belly rings there so I went out and bought one while the piercer was coming back. When we go to pull into the parking lot were I was going to get my piercing done, I see the piercer peeing on the building!!!!!

That’s when I got nervous. Then he told me to sit in a chair and I was so nervous to the point where I was shaking, he was shaking too, it was terrible he said to me on the count of 3 breathe in then breathe out so I did just that, but by the time I was able to breathe out he wasn’t able to get the needle through to the other side.

Because the needle was stuck, it was the worst pain I have ever felt it was horrible and he still couldn’t get it through I had a needle in me for about 4 mins until he finally got it through,,,

I got this done yesterday and I would have to say it was all totally worth it =) I love it soooo much!

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  1. i got mine done right before my 14th birthday and the same thing happened to me the needle got stuck. so i started thinking of something else and not the pain and it worked. and im really glad i got it done. even though it took my mom 2 years before finally letting me get it done.

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