it didn’t hurt!

by Sarah L.

(Cape Coral, FL)

for my 15th birthday, i got my belly pierced. I’ve been reading everywhere with people saying it doesn’t hurt. truth be told, it didn’t hurt.

the lady who did it was so nice. she marked it, told me to lay down, and when she was going to do it, she told me she was going to put pressure and in went the needle.

i expected it to hurt more than it did. i felt a light, teeny tiny prick and that was all the pain there was. i can’t wait to change it once its healed. for some one’s piercings take longer than the said time to heal, don’t change it the first day of the recommended time period to change it. leave it in!

the lady said there can be slight bleeding. i had, like, not even half a drop of blood once it was done. I’m soooo happy i got it done!

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