Is it done already?

By Jess, England

Belly Button Piercing Experience

Omg. I had wanted a naval piercing since i was what like 4 or so? 🙂 My older sister had hers done when she was 12 and i fell in love with them!

As my sisters only my half sister and we have different mums my mum wouldn’t allow me to get mine done for ages! 🙁 My 12 birthday came and went and while my brother was going away to France with the school me and my mum decided to go on a girly weekend away 😉

So one day we decided to go to Gt.Yarmouth and have a walk round and while my mum was scouting around for clothes shops and so on I was looking everywhere for a piercing shop, by now mum had already said that if we found a nice clean shop I could have it done! 😀

I looked everywhere but still no hope! They were all stinky filthy places, But then out of no where we spotted a sign wich was outside a jewellery shop wich mainly sold belly rings saying “body piercing also” so after fussing around outside the shop i finally went in!

We spoke to the really nice lady in there about what i wanted and while she was sterilising the equiptment i was looking at all the jewellery and chose a surgical steel banana bar with a red gem and went through to the piercing room. Imediatley we could tell that everything was sterile. She marked my belly checked that it was alright with us and told me to lie down. She then talked me through how she was going to clamp it blah blah blah and then told me to count to 3, when i got to 1 she pushed the needle through and said im done litterally i was like what the hell it’s done?

It cost £25.00, its been about 1 month and im EXTREMELY happy with my new piercing!

I’ve already bought hundreds of new jewellery for it but im waiting a year before i change it just to be safe to clean it i started of using lavender oil but now i use 1 teaspoon of SEA salt with bolided water once a week and spray savlon wound wash on it about 3 times a day.

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