Internally Threaded Belly Button Rings – Easier On A New Piercing!

Your piercer is likely to tell you to choose internally threaded belly button rings over other types of jewelry for various reasons – all of them beneficial to you. Some of these are:

– Internally threaded belly button rings are safe with new piercing
– They are less traumatic on a fresh piercing
– They feel very comfortable to wear
– They are stronger and stay firmly secured to the piercing
– They keep infection at a minimum
– They usually come in top quality materials like surgical steel, titanium.

Of course, internally threaded belly button rings are available in great variety of shapes designs and gauges so that you can choose what is right for your own belly button piercing.

How Internally Threaded Belly Button Rings Are Different

When you shop for body jewelry, you will come across both externally and internally threaded jewelry. In the externally threaded jewelry, you will find the threads are visible on the shaft that is inserted into the piercing. This can be uncomfortable to wear as the threads graze against the piercing. In internally threaded belly button rings, the threading does not come in contact with the piercing as the threaded bar is part of the bead. So a smooth shaft goes into the piercing after which the threaded part is accommodated inside it keeping the piercing safe.

You can imagine how annoying it can be if the piercing healing process is delayed. This is why internally threaded belly button rings are a better option. The chances of any bacteria settling on the jewelry are also less. As barbells are the usual jewelry used at the time of piercing, make sure you go in for an internally threaded type.

You will find internally threaded belly button rings in different shapes like the horseshoe curve, straight barbells, and circular types. Some even feature gemstones and other embellishments at the visible tip. You will also get the right gauge or thickness suited to your piercing.

Since it is a complex process, internally threaded belly button rings are more expensive to make than other jewelry like say, the externally threaded type. Hence they may cost a little more, but you will find that the extra investment is worth it. After all, you want the best care for your piercing.

FUNNY FACT! Did you know there is also threadless belly button jewelry?

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