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I had my bellybutton pierced about 12 years ago and its perfectly good now but when i first had it done i got impatient and took the original titanium ring out (which they suggest not to) and replaced it with a 9ct gold bar before the piercing was properly healed… BIG mistake!

The doctor has since explained that gold contains certain chemicals which can react with fresh wounds and I ended up with a massive infection which was pushing the bar out. Within days i had to remove the bar totally.

I wasn’t willing to let my piercing close over so i started to bathe it in salt water and the following day i reinserted the original ring – the one i was pierced with (i could hear the skin popping *shudder*). It hurt like hell and it took over 12 months to fully heal but i got there with nothing but salt water! I changed the ring back to a 9ct bar about 9 years ago and its still there… to this day i wont change it just in case!

Suggestion… when you get a piercing start bathing in salt water and DO NOT remove the original piercing for at least 3 months… Its soooooo not worth the pain!

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  1. ouchhhh!! i just got mines pierced 2 weeks ago, and its still kinda dark around the holes, and i changed it twice with new rings, but not for a long period of time.
    now that i read this, i might not change it as much. thanks!! 🙂

  2. So i just got mine upper belly pierced and i was told to clean it three times a day with anti-bacterial soap and cotton swobs….. i just really need some inside on what to do. THNX – Kristia C♪♭

  3. i put a 14k gold ring with my name in it in diamond after about 3 weeks and mine is perfectly fine … its never been infected or anything i guess im just lucky … yours sounds painful ouch.! i think i would of cried …

  4. Oh my gosh… OWWW!!! Thanks so much for your story… I have always been told not to change it out until it was fully healed…. i never planned on it but now for sure i wont, and definantly no gold for a while =D

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