In love with my bell, or NOT?

By Isadora, From Athens, Greece.
I’m 17 years old. One day i’d gone to the beach with my friends and decided to have my belly pierced without really considering about it. So on the way home I stopped by a local tattoo studio and had it done. It costs only 20 euros (I’d heard some crazy numbers such as 80 euros!!) and needed no parental permission. So the guy took me into a room, had the job done. I’m still not sure if the needle was clean. Anyway, it didn’t really hurt, but I was rather pleased when the situation was over. So the piercer told me I should put saltwater on it 2-3 times a day. The first two days, it was gorgeous. It wasn’t at all red and didn’t hurt. I was really in love with my belly. I was showing it to everyone and they all agreed it was totally sexy. Unfortunately though, the third day it got red and swallowed. Whenever I supplied saltwater it got worse and hurt. Moreover, as I sight it was awful. So I stopped cleaning it with saltwater, and it calmed a little bit. Last night I put Bepanthol cram, and it seems quite better. At least it doesn’t hurt at all, I don’t even feel it and it’s redness seems as a scar that will leave and not as an open wound. I really hope it gets ready soon as I can’t wait to change the jewelry and head to the beach to show off my new pierced belly! My mom, who found it out accidently wont talk to me, and refuses to see it Actually she found the saltwater in the kitchen and I couldn’t figure out any silly stories so I admitted it, even I had decided not to. I hope she gets over it cause I am not going to get it off! My boyfriend loves it, he was the inspiration and mostly I did it for him. I was lucky not to get badly infected, cause my mom stated it clearly that she wouldn’t take me to the doctor. It’s fantastic, and once it calms down, I will feel sexier then ever.

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