I’m Still Hiding Mine!!

By Hannah, Greenwich, London

Belly Piercing Story

Hey, i have had my belly piercing for over 5 weeks and i love it soooo much. i got it done for my 15th birthday because i asked my mum if i could have it as my present and she said yes, i also got my third ear piercing and the top of my ear done because i thought you only live once, right? πŸ™‚

I don’t live with my mum i live with my dad and his partner, they have no idea that i have it done, i am not only hiding my belly piercing but also my new ear piercings…i intend to tell my dad when i am 16 because i know he’ll be so angry if i tell him i got it done when i was 15, i had 2 beg him for ages to get him to allow me to have my 2nd ear piercings done…whats he going to say if he finds out i got my thirds, top AND belly done!

I feel bad about going behind his back but i really wanted them done. i want 1 more piercing and that is my nose but i am not getting it done behind my dads back plus i can’t hide it so i asked him but he said ‘when your 16’ its only 11 more months but i can’t wait, i wanna get it done in the summer so it has time 2 heal because at my school u r not allowed to have them, my school is so strict, your only allowed to wear 1 pair of earrings and they have 2 be studs and silver or gold, how stupid is that!!! and it is a girls school- we are girls, we need to wear more than one pair!

So i am hiding my thirds and top from the teachers at school and my dad and his partner at home! When i woke up on the 21st of December (my birthday) i was soo excited and extremely nervous. i didn’t eat breakfast which isn’t a good idea because if you haven’t eaten and u r scared of needles there’s a good chance you’ll faint but i am not scared of them and so was fine, but don’t risk it!

So me, my mum, and my little brother drove into town and when i saw the shop in the distance my heart began to accelerate and i remember thinking ‘you’ll be fine it will all be over soon and tonight you will have all your piercings done’ but i also couldn’t believe it was finally here I WAS GETTING MY BELLY BUTTON PIERCED! BTW incase you are wondering you have to be 16 to get it done on your own because you have to fill out a form but my mum was with me so she did them for me.

The women sent us upstairs for the forms to be filled in and there was a women waiting there-her ears were covered in earings there was no space on her ears!-but it looked cool.

She let me chose my third piercingΒ earrings, my top earrings and my belly bar (i went for a rose double crystal 1), she then told me that she was going to pierce my 3rd’s but was sending me upstairs for the rest.

She told me that the top was going to be pierced with a needle and that made me panic and i nearly said i don’t want the top done but she said it didn’t hurt at all and my mum said just get it done, so i went through with it, i have to say my 3rds hurt more than my top and belly put 2gether!

When she had done my 3rds i went upstairs where another women was waiting for me, she was really kind to me. My mum had to go move the car and i said i would wait until she was back to get my belly done. The women put a small black dot on my ear and asked me if that was ok i said yes and she told me to lye down on the table. she clamped my ear, sprayed it and then pocked the needle through…i didn’t feel a thing!

The women was right! the process was the same as the belly piercing so that gave me some confidence. My mum wasn’t back yet so i decided to get my belly done and surprise her when she got back. The women dotted my belly button and asked me if it was ok and i said yes then i lay down on the table and lifted up my top, she put the clamp on my stomach i was nervous again but the women talked to me and distracted me.

I was explaining to her how my dad had no idea what i was doing and that i wasn’t going to tell him until i was 16 and while i was talking she pushed the needle through my stomach i panicked for a split second but before i realised that she had tricked me it was over. I couldn’t help but smile it didn’t hurt at all!

I got up and looked in the mirror…it looked amazing it didn’t bleed or anything! I heard my mum coming up the stairs, so I put my top down, she came into the room unaware that it was all done, I smiled and showed her she liked it 2, i hugged my piercer and thanked her and headed out of the shop. I was scared of touching it and i wouldn’t lean forward when I sat down because I didn’t want to agitate it.

It hasn’t got infected yet and last week I changed the piercing because I bought the cutest turquoise belly bar and wanted to put it in and because my piercing was annoying me because as it heeled the bar had moved down and was sticking out too much. I was soo worried incase I couldn’t get it back in or it got infected but everything went great. It felt so weird changing it because of the holes but I didn’t mind. The wholes were a small price to pay for something as beautiful as a belly piercing!

Belly Piercing StoryI still have the turquoise belly bar in now as you can see in my picture and this one is smaller so only the balls of the barbell are showing and not the bar. I probably shouldn’t have changed it so early but i couldn’t wait, I was lucky that it didn’t get infected, your actually supposed to leave it in for 3 months, I would advise u to leave it as long as u can incase it goes wrong.

I haven’t got the flattest of stomachs but i don’t care because the piercing is for me to see and no one else to see, I am tempted to get the bottom of my belly pierced but I’ll have to ask my mum…another piercing to hide from my dad! lol …well that’s if my mum lets me πŸ˜‰

If you want your belly pierced then get it done and don’t let anything stop you, they are great, if you don’t have the flattest of stomachs it doesn’t matter!

If you are scared of it hurting, a little pain is a small sacrifice to make for something as amazing as a belly piercing. Mine didn’t hurt like so many other peoples belly piercings wouldn’t have hurt but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a thing.

Everyone is different but I can safely say on behalf of everyone who has there belly button done that it isn’t unbearable, don’t worry it is over in a matter of seconds hope you enjoyed my belly button piercing story and hope it has helped you decide whether you want to get a belly piercing or any other piercing, although i would advise you if you are planning on hiding it from your parents don’t go swimming in a bikini! lol…I still haven’t figured that 1 out for myself yes..but after 2 more months i should be able to take it out and leave it but the holes will be visible so I will wear a costume for swimming when my dad is there until i am 16! lol

Thank you for reading my story! πŸ™‚


  1. Hey guys, I’m 19. I have one piercing at the top on my right ear. I had that one done at the aged of 14 with my mum permission, however for the past 5 years I have been wanting to get more than 2 piercing. My question is, how can I persuade my mum that I want another piercing and that it is not crazy! My mum thinks 1 or 2 piercing is nice but more than that, she is totally against it. What should I do?

  2. Hi! I’m 13 in 9 days and in 11 days I’m getting my navel pierced, with my mum, and I’m soooo excited! I have to hide it from school which is annoying and in the summer (as another present) I’m getting my second lobe! My best friend is gettin her cartilage and I’m actually so jealous but she’s not allowed to get her belly done and we both are kind of ’emo’ and she wants her hair done but it’s too frizzy but I’m getting my hair done (birthday present) just before I get my belly done! Can’t believe I have to wait til the summer to get my second lobe but my school doesn’t allow you to cover it for pe ;(

    1. Yeah, that’s mad, isn’t it? Your mum is fine with your belly piercing – but it still needs to be kept a secret at school!

      Just make sure you submit your piercing story into us when you get your belly done – as well as your cartilage – and you’ll get a free piercing posted to you! Here’s where to submit it: http://freebodypiercings.com/

  3. I’m 11 and I getting mine this summer and my birthdays in June my dad is taking me to sign the form and stuff and me and my older sister are going in so I can have mine and she can have her second

  4. I just got my belly done a week ago and im 15 my mom went with me and my dad dontknow he will kill me if he finds out idk how to tell him and im trying to keep it from him but hes gonna find out sooner or later nut if anyone one has any suggestions plz…. tell me

  5. wow i really really really really want mine dun mum wont have it and i dont talk to my dad….
    my aunti just got hers re dun for the 5th time coz it keeeps rejecting and i was with her and omg i was like plz plz plz plz plz and she said get ur mm to sign the forms and iv been trying for like 2 yrs ……… 10 months and i can get it dun but thats too long a wait

  6. Wow awesome story!!! And super cute piercing!!! I’m an 18 year old guy who wants my belly button pierced just about as bad as you can!! If my parents discovered it though, my life would end. If I can hide it till September I’m good cuz it college after that. But I want it now!!! We never go swimming but what are the chances my shirt flies up and the see it or spmethin? Please give me help!!! Please, I need any info or help!!! And if it gets infected, if I take it out, will the infection go away? Thanks soooo much to anyone who replies!!! You can reply directly to my email if you could cuz I am so excited but need help!!!!

  7. hey Hannah,
    I got my belly done behind my parents backs. i loved it and i thought the pian was SO worth it lol. i hid it from my mum for 12 weeks (just under 3 months) untill i decided to take it out. by the end of those weeks my brother and dad new… he was suprisingly cool about it and didnt tell me mum (phewww). my dad advised me to take it out and made me see just how angry she would be, she would probaly try and prosacute the place, cause they did it illegaly, i was only 13 and they didnt even ask my age! =S
    Oh and the whole leaving it in for three months and not going swimming bla de bla is a load of rubbish!! i went swimming 3 days later and changed mine after like 6 weeks (very stupid i no) no problems at all =D. and it soooo easy to hide it under a swimming costum, i went on holiday with it and it was practically invisable!
    Anyways i absolutly loved mine and plan to get it done again someday πŸ™‚
    Good luck for when ur dad finds out =/ hope it goes ok lol xx

  8. hey haannahh babe (;
    right imm gnna say summatt.. cous i need to let it looosee ,
    well im 12 yhh 13 next yr and im not aloud myn till imm what about 14 15 but im gettingg it donee next saturday with outt my dad or mum noing and my cousens tekin me x i cant wait iv gota hidee it all that timee!! ahh well like u said u only live once init enyways wb x

  9. i have decided to get my belly button pierced,,,my parents would kill me if they knew. i have to hide it.
    Great storyyy πŸ˜€ i’m so excited::D:D

  10. At least your mom knows about your piercing. My best friend learned how to pierce with a kit from the internet and im the 8th person she’s pierced. Its been a month now and it looks great. The only thing that sucks is my parents dont know at all so i have to hide it unitl im 18 which is a year + but it was so worth it in the end!

  11. im 14 and i got my belly pierced when i was 13. My dad is really against all those things. and so is my step dad. my mom took me out to get it about a month before my 14th birthday. Im not planning on telling my dad until about summer but he would find out anyway when i got swimming. ive hidden it about 4 months now and he still doesnt know. My dad doesnt really mind the ears and all that cuz i have both my tops and four in one ear and 3 on the other. so all together i have 10 but my dad only knows of 9. all i really felt was a pinch it didnt hurt that bad. i was glad cuz i dont take pain very well. needles dont bother me at all. when you get your belly done make sure the guy or girl uses the clamp cuz he didnt on me and its not straight. i dont really mind and you cant really tell. i also changed mine about 2 weeks after i had it and nothing happened but i guess it all depends on how fast your body heals or whatever.

  12. Hay you No that was a good story and it made me feel like go get one now! But this year i well be truing 13 and im getting mine done but every time i think about it i always get nerves someone please help me i soooo scared But im getting it done b/c look in a binkine it will look amassing “SOO CUTE” but i dont no if im going to be ableto handle the pani by the eay im getting it done in April:) if anone has any suggesting plz contact me πŸ™‚ on here

  13. That was a very good story. im 15 and i want mine done so bad. but my dad won’t let me. im still beging. my won’t let me cuz my dad said no. and i don’t have the flattest of stomaches either but that doesn’t really matter.

  14. You are so right! My cartilage piercings hurt and burn more than my belly piercing. My belly piercing is just a little sore when i sit up and thats it! It didnt even burn!

  15. This story is amazing Han, i’m surprised you didn’t win, but hey! I hope you do get that nose piercing and i hope it goes well. But never do i want to hear that you have gone behind your dad’s back, do you hear me?! I’m glad we got that sorted, your belly and belly ring is looking gorgeous!

  16. omg! i loved your story, i want to get mine done now! but i know if i ask my parents they will say no, i think i’ll get it done wen i am 16 because then i can do it without my parents permission hehe but your looks really cute btw

    1. Where I live you have to be 18 to get it done without parental permission. My mom is fine with me getting mine done but my dad is trying to make me wait until I am 18. He said that he will say no until I am 18 bc that’s when I don’t need his permission any more. (I’m 15 now) I have the kit and pierced my mom already. She had to take it out though bc her belly was rejecting it. She wants me to wait a little though bc she is scared that when my dad finds out he won’t let me see my mom anymore.

  17. i liked ur story hannah after reading it i want to get my belly piercing done to but my mum says i ahve to wait until i am 18!

  18. My parents wud go stark raving bonkers if they found out, i got wun lil SEMI perm tattoo and i got grnded 4 like 2 wks D:

    gd wun!


  19. WOW! :O

    That’s lyk rele gd 4 u dude. i wish i cud have a piercing done, ive gtta w8 til im 14, a whole ‘nova month, but yh well dne bbz


  20. This is a really good story because I think that it’s true for lots of teenagers. It’s hard to do somethings you really like or wear what you want, because either you are scared other people will judge you, or you are not allowed them. I think you kinda need to ignore that and just do what you feel is right and that you know you won’t regret. It’s your life and you need to live it. Good story Hannah xxxxx

  21. Nice Story Hannah… I wanna get mine pierced too and my mom wouldent even have anything against it because she wants to have one too. Maybe I should write a story about that one too πŸ˜›
    .. The pictures look really good and I think it’s god that you are still hiding it from your dad πŸ™‚

    xxxxxxxx lulu

  22. Woooooooow thats beautiful i think ill get a belly button peiring too and i already have a nose peirce there great you should deffinetly get one 2.

  23. hahahaa, i love turky πŸ˜‰ (no one else has a clue what im talking about right? oh well)
    but yeah, this story made me laugh XD

  24. Wowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowoowowowowowoowowowowowow..
    i dont even know what to say just WOW

  25. Such a cool story Hannah i cant believe u have hidden ur piercings for such a long time lol….
    i love the story
    love ya xxx

  26. Well i have decided to get my belly button pierced now. When I’m 16, my parents would kill me if they knew.

    How does your dad not know?! Wow! My parents always find a way of finding out *shrug* anyway it was good and funny

  27. Hey Hannah!

    I loved ur story, its really inspirational, and i found it to be great help.

    I want to get a second piercing in my ears, but my parents won’t let me and say i have to wait ’til I’ older. But you know the ironic thing is, is that I had my ears pierced when i was like a couple weeks old!

    So UNFAIR!

    I’m 15 in a exactly a weeks time, so I guess i have to wait a year and a week ’til im legal, yay me LOL

    I think i might ask again or do it in secret, but the thing i’m worried about isn’t my parents’ reaction, it’s the fact that my ears are small! They’re tiny, like seriously small, and whoever pierced my ears did them slap bang in the middle, so maybe a second piercing isn’t for me, but still I’m glad your happy with yours and i hope u don’t get caught til ur 16th πŸ˜€

    Thanks again

  28. This is A fantastic story about belly buttom peircing and 2 be honest after reading it i feel like getting my belly done 2…and ive seen hannahs in school and it look great on her and she does have a flat tummy but overall i think shes happy having her dream come true and im happy for her and i wish her best of luck with her dad not finding out lol.=)

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