If My Parents Found Out

Shintelle, Ajax, Ontario

Belly Button Piercing

Me, not being able to get my belly button pierced under any circumstances I couldn’t let my parents find out that I was thinking about getting it done, let alone going to get it done. I probably asked 1billion times and they kept saying no. I had a reasonable reason too.

So one day I slept over at my friend’s house and she convinced me to get it done she was supposed to get something pierced as well but she flopped. We road our bikes down to a tattoo shop that was known for its cleanliness and had a good rep to get it done. During the process was the funniest part when the lady was about to put the needle through she said your first reaction is to put your hand where you feel the pain don’t do it. And as soon as she put it through my arm went flying (for the record it’s almost uncontrollable)!

The lady was nice and told me a lot of things to do and not to do (not like I was going to remember:-) All I could remember was her telling me you can’t go swimming for 3 weeks, I have a pool in my backyard so you can imagine how hard it was to resist. To inform you the last week I went swimming every day. Then we had to ride all the way back. (This wasn’t a close ride)

I hid it for a while which made cleaning a little harder planning to tell my parents near Christmas or never. Since I can’t survive a year without Christmas, I told them 2 days later and they grounded me (N) telling me I couldn’t go out anywhere. They even thought I was influenced by the wrong people, which isn’t true; I was going to get it done either way. But it was worth it! 🙂

It’s been a month and a half (I think) since I got it pierced and I can definitely leave the house within reason 🙁 and I even gave my cousin courage to get hers pierced too ❗ (but she told her mom)


  1. Well I got it done without my moms and step-dads permission. My real father was okay with it. So i got it done, and called my mom to ask, “what would you do if I got my belly button pierced?” At first she responded with, “I would kill you!” but then I talked to her about it, and she said it was okay. She won’t tell my step-dad though. He won’t like that too much. tehe.

  2. my 1st ques iz hw old r u??? Well i’m 18 n in my country dtz da legal age i’ve askd so many times 2 do it n my parents js kpt on sayin no…..so since i’m legal n i dnt nd consent 2 do it i’m goin 2 do it on my own….d biggest problem iz if my dad finds out he’ll kill me n dtz wt i’m afraid of bt i tink i’m still goin 2 do it no mtr wt 🙂

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