I Worked Hard For This.

By Dionna from Summerville.

So for like two years now i’ve been asking my mom can i get a belly ring. And everytime she said no.

So the summer of 09 i really started geting interested in one. So i looked up alot of information like cost, healing time,ect. I put all that into a email and sent it to my parents. They still said no.

So i let two weeks pass. And thats when i started to get mad. I have alot of dolls in my room. So i truned all their head around and placed signs in my room saying “Happiness ans Smiles are no long in this room”

I also sent a bunch of videos of people geting their belly button pierced to my mom. And under each video i put “i will not give up until you say yes” So 2 days later my mom said yes and took me to get pierced. Now its all pretty 🙂


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