I want it Back

by Elizabeth

I got my belly button pierced for the first time before my 19th birthday and I loved it. I noticed that it started looking as if it might slip all the way through the hole wear it was pierced.

So while I was sleep my nephew was rubbing his foot across it and I felt a snag but it was nothing but when I checked my belly piercing was ripped, my friend said I would have to wait a year to get it pierced again but the thing is my skin isn’t really back together the piece that formed the hole was ripped through.

Now it’s just there like you can tell a defined line where the barbell would be but that’s it I wanna go see if I can get it pierced again I hope so. Or I’ll get the bottom pierced.

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One comment

  1. Ahh i got same problem and i am very upset because I loved my belly button ring. I got little infecton but i started to use Saline solution. 10 days ago I started to notice that my skin is healing but getting “dry”. and today morning when I woke up, i saw my belly button ring ridde out without any pain. Now I can see the hole shape that ripped out. It looked like a tiny tunnel ( this is best can descrie it. ) but no skin on top of it so actually there is no hole anymore. i m so upset. I dont know what to do. I want it back too cz its very sexy. 🙁 and i dont know when i should go back for piercing again. 🙁
    Good luck to you.

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