i want a belly ring mom

Sent in by Ginger.
It all started when i told my mom i want to get my belly pierced and she said no and so i was determined to get it done i want to be like all the popular girls in school with a belly ring.

i had a small body for it im only 85 pounds and so i looked trough the yellow pages and looking on the internet of how to take care of them and diffrent styles of belly rings and after about 4 monuths of driving my mother crazy she gave in and said ok ill take you but your paying for it and i said ok thats fine

so i was 18 at the time a junior in highschool and i was so excited so we go to this place called body art emporium in louisville ky and i walk in and see this place and was like wow this place is wild ive never been in a tatoo studio before

so i wait and this gentleman come up to me and asked me what i wanted and i told him and he said ok so he brings me back into this really clean room with huge windows were you could watch the traffic go by and he went and got everything ang made me stand up marked me and layed me back and started getting the needle ready then he counted to three and stuck it through i didnt feel it and put a round hoop init and then he said your done told me how to take care of it after about 6 months i changed it out and i have tons of belly rings know and ive had it for 7 years know and i love it !!!!!!!

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