I Finally Did It!

By Brandey Stone, Salt Lake City

Navel Piercing Story

Well to start off I’ll give you a little information about myself. My name is Brandey and as of now I have five piercings.

Four in my ears for each of my sibs and obviously my belly button too  =) I had been really debating on doing it since I was about  12 and I didnt get it until just after Valentines this year.

I’m almost 19 pretty pathetic it took so long! 😕 So the day I got it done it was right before I decided to go to work. I thought it was going to be alot worse than the actually peircing was.

I built myself up and when she did I just laughed at how I was so scared of the pain. It did hurt but not half as bad as everyone was making it sound!

I love it though…it took some getting use to but now I’m to the point where I can almost change it and Im pretty excited about that. Overall I’m completely satisfied with my belly button ring and would recommend doing it if your considering it! 😉

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