I did my own belly?!?!

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Lots of people these days are getting piercings some normal and some unique i am one of thoes people tht does them themselves rather than paying to get them done.

I wanted to try to pierce my belly so i got out a curved sowing needle and sterilized it then i got the belly ring i purchased earlier and sterilized tht too then i got a permanent marker and figured out where the hole would begin and end up then i got out some ice and nummed the sopt for awile then pushed the needle all the way through and left it in for abt a couple of hrs.

Then i took the needle out and pushed the belly ring in and after that i sterilized it and put tape on the piercing so it wouldnt rip off in my sleep and did it every night for about 4 weeks untill it healed then in abt 7 weeks i changed it to a dangly ring making shure to sterilize every ring tht i used into my belly it can be a painful piercing and if u have thick skin lyk me it will be a difficult piercing to do u have to beable to take pain when doing this pircing or it will hurt u and only use surgical stainless steal stanless steal or the new PFFTE piercings or it will get infected!


  1. i had my belly done when i was about 14 and i never had any problems whatsoever with it and then this saturday just gone i had the bottom of my belly done too and that hurt alot more than the 1st one i had done but it looks great and is healing well i clean it 3 times a day with salt water and i can play with it like i can play with the top one but i am just wondering if any of you know any websites where i can get a couple of small bars with small balls on each end for my 2 belly piercings coz i dont really like the look of 2 larger bars 2geva thanks

  2. Now i think it is wonderful that u do it yourself i did most of my piercings myself. When i was 12 i pierced my own belly but then my parents told me tp take it out let it heal and they took me to get it done when i was 14 because i didnt talk about it for a while then i got the bottom done too. And btw i dont think ur’s is pierced too small my friends who got theirs donw with me are the same size as ur piercing and that was prodessional

  3. I think it’s better to get any kind of piercing professionally done. While it’s relatively more expensive, the piercer knows what he/she is doing.

    I complained that 10mm gap between the two holes was too big for my petite size. Months later, the barbell slowly rejected and I’m left with less than 6mm gap. From the picture (if it really is yours), i find the gap is too small. Please take GREAT care of your piercing to avoid rejection.

    I always said it’s never going to happen to me until it happened. My barbell began rejecting in the fifth month.

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