I Can’t Believe I Got it!

By Maveline D, NC, US

Belly Piercing Story

I don’t know how I got this idea of getting my belly pierced! It must have been at soccer practice! A lot of my friends had their bellies pierced and I thought it was soo cute and I wanted one jus like theirs!

I was determined to get it done and I even thought of doing it myself but I’m glad I stopped myself before it was too late! My birthday was in 3 months and I discussed my decision to my mom one day in the car! What was her first response? NO! 😯

But I kept bugging and told her all the reasons why I should get it and there wasn’t anything wrong with it so she told me to wait and she would think it through. I would bug my mom every now and then and than finally it was Wed. May 27 and I came out of my bedroom and asked her! “Ma’ are you going to let me get the piercing?” She responded YES!

And I was soo excited! 😆 “But I have no money so bug your dad about it!” Great, I thought!! I never see my dad! How I’m a supposed to get some cash? So I waited for the weekend to come and I canceled all the plans I had made with my friends and dialed my dad!

I explained the situation to him and he said OKAY! He would take me at 4:30 and it was already 1:00 So I had to get up and get dressed! I texted my friend for directions to the parlor were she had gone to and she told me about “Twisted 6s” a tattoo and piercer behind the local mall!

So I rushed and got ready! Waited for him to come and left. We must have been waiting for at least an hour and then finally a man named Scotty came out and said I’ll take u upstairs and get u pierced up!! So me and my dad went up to their lounge were there were there were other people getting tattooed up we went inside a small room there was a chair two stools and a desk!

Take a seat for now but we’re going to do this standing up! “Umm okay?” I sat down my dad next to me and I watched as the guy got all the stuff ready sterilizing the ring and taking out the needle from its fresh package.

“You ready Hun?” “Yeah it’s now or never!” “Are you scared? Nervous?” Just a lil nervous is all! I’ll be good! “Well of course you’re going to be nervous, everyone is when they try something new!”

I was shaking in my shoes but I wanted to appear strong in front of my dad! “Here we got! Take a deep breath…now let it out” UGHHHH! Is all that could come out because I couldn’t even talk! “You’re all done! Are you okay? Do you need to sit down? Do u feel like you’re going to faint?”

NO I’M GOOD!!! I felt his hands on my belly and it hurt he was tightening up the lil ball at the top! But again I held my breath! “Take the pain Mave” is all I could think!! “You’re all good Hun ready to go?” Yeah!! We started walking down a flight of stairs which by the way were swirly! And I was just trying to hold my stomach so it wouldn’t hurt as I stepped down!

They gave me some H2OCEAN and some Directions to keep my Piercing in good shape!! Happily but in pain I walked out of the parlor and hopped in the car and we were off!


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