I Almost Didn’t….

By Casi, Texas

Well about 3 days ago [March 1st] my friend came over and she wanted to go to get her industrial pierced.

She had wanted it done for a while and my boyfriend had wanted me to get my belly button pierced. I had wanted it done too. And he offered to pay for it.

So me and my friend went to out tattoo artist and he was getting ready to close up. My friend was desprite to get her piercing so we found another tattoo parlor 30 minutes before they closed. We walked in to get pierced and I realized I had forgotten my ID.

Good thing I only live about 5 minutes away from the parlor. We sped to my house and back and had 15 minutes left to get pierced.

It was fun and I dont regret the piercing at all. I LOVE IT!!! I just cant wait for it to heal. XDD

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