Hubby Don’t Like It !! lol

By Charlene Hinton, Wales, UK

Belly Piercing Story

I’m a mum and have 5 kids. Last year I lost 4 st in weight and had a tummy tuck in Nov 08. I’ve always wanted to have my belly button pierced but always hated my tummy 🙁

While out shopping for new school shoes for my daughter I seen a sign for body piercing so i went in and explained that i had a tummy tuck 6 months ago and that the surgeon moved my belly button to a new place . He said that he could pierce my bb for me, so I paid the £20 and choose the belly bar, he then told me to come back in 20 mins as he had to sterilize the bar for me.

I was a bit nervous when I walked back to the shop later , but also really excited, he sprayed some cold numbing stuff on it and clamped it and I didn’t feel a thing , and it was done i was shocked at how quick it was over! 🙂

I think the reason it never hurt at all was I might still be numb from the op. I then walked to my car and rang hubby he! he! My hubby thought I was mad and said i was going through a mid life crisis, whatever, I love it and its healed ok!

I’ve got a small glass dish what i put sea salt in and boiled water and lay on the sofa with the glass dish turned upside down, and its healed ok so far.

It was 3 weeks ago and I feel wicked and really happy, but hubby’s not! It’s not his belly though, is it? :-))

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