How To Hide A Navel Piercing

You might want to know how to hide a navel piercing for various reasons; perhaps your school doesn’t allow it. Maybe your parents do not approve, and you do not want them to know. If you are someone who works in an office where body piercings are not allowed, then you need to know how to hide a navel piercing. While you might not be able to hide it forever, you can certainly keep your piercing secret for some time! 😉

The most sensible way to hide a navel piercing is to wear a clear navel-piercing retainer. This retainer is a cushiony, soft rubbery plastic material in the shape of a banana barbell that is fitted into your piercing in place of your belly ring.

What you do is buy a clear navel piercing retainer. Make sure it is pre-packaged, pre-sterilized to avoid contamination and infection. Also, it is very important to remember that you should not change your belly ring until the piercing is completely healed.

You can either do it yourself or go to a professional piercer. Your piercer will wear sterilized latex gloves before dealing with your piercing. He will then check to see whether your belly piercing is fully healed. Then, he will deftly remove the old navel jewelry. This is done by unscrewing the top bead and then sliding out the barbell from below.

The clear navel piercing retainer is now removed from its sterile packing. The ring is removed and the bar is pushed into the piercing from the top downwards. Then, the ring is pushed back onto the transparent bar.  There! Your belly piercing is hidden! It will not only keep your belly piercing intact for as long as the jewelry is out, but also hide it.

So there you are! Now you know how to hide a navel piercing! 😉

For those looking at how to hide a navel piercing, there are good quality clear navel retainers made of the body-friendly Bioplast material that is flexible and invisible.


  1. I am a lifeguard and swim instructor. Management doesn’t allow naval piercings to be shown so those who have one typically wear one-piece suits. (Defeats the purpose of getting a nice tan in a two piece!) So, this is perfect for me and my co workers!

  2. Why do you need to remove navel jewelry for school or work?Even if the place doesn’t allow it, they won’t be able to see it under your clothes anyhow.

    1. Because some strict work place like flight attendant,fire fighters and so on, may have a body check but about schools meh

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