How the piercings began…

By Brittany Marie from Fredericksburg.

How I Decided to get the piercing:
I love piercings, so I thought one more couldn’t hurt to add to a number of 13 piercings. And this piercing got me to 14.

How I chose the piercing studio:
The shop I went to is called “Sorry Moms” I went there for my nose and my regular belly piercing.

The Piercer:
The piercer was great, he had done my other 2 piercings I listed before.
The process happened like this:
I got in there, and this guy who was getting a tattoo was talking to me about my piercings and what I was going to get. Then I went it the back room and bam the piercing is done. Never felt it go through.

How I found out to take care of it:
He gave me this little information sheet. And sold me H2Ocean.

For my healing process:
It only took me 2 weeks for my piercing to heal, unlike others it takes 6 weeks. I am constantly cleaning my piercings, so it heals quicker.

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