How Allison from Malaga, Spain got her belly button pierced – it can’t hurt thay bad, can it?

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July 2007, Allison, Mijas, Malaga, Spain

Well I’ve just today gotten my belly button pierced! I’ve wanted it for a while now, and all my friends have it so I decided to just go for it.

I was walking past the shop and I thought, it cant hurt THAT bad, can it? So I went inside and chose which one I wanted…etc.

I was petrified. But she put me at ease and just told me to breathe and relax. There was no way I wanted to look at the needle though! I’ll be honest, it hurt. Not in a scream and cry kinda way though, its hard to explain.

The bit that hurt the most really was the clamping bit at the start. But when she did show me the needle when shed finished I thought I was going to pass out!

But I’m in love with it now, it’s fine. It looks so pretty and really suits me. I’m actually proud of myself! I never thought I’d have the guts! 😛 But it was worth it!

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