Hear’s To Heart Ache

By Mirandia, from Linden, U.S.A

Okay well i have to start at the very begining, last year has been very harsh for me. I found out i had a heart murmor, then i found out i had a hole in my heart and that resulted in having to have heart surgery. I brusied serverly around the cut marks and couldnt walk too good for about a month. Then a few months later i got bit by a brown recluse and had to be put on two different types of anti biotics, i was bitten by a bunch of fire ants and then i caught h1n1 and was in bed for about 10 days. So a few weeks ago i got to thinking, lifes to short and theirs so many close calls in life for me to go around wanting to do stuff but not have the courage to do them. Ive wanted a belly ring for so long but always been afraid too actually have it done so after a year of bad luck and close calls i decided that it was time for me to do something crazy and unexpected. So i talked to my mama about it and the next day she rode with me to the local piercer and i had it done, i picked out a double jewele banana ring to be put in that was the same color as my birthstone. When it was all done with, as i walked out the door i told myself “Heres a year of bad luck and (quite literally) heartache”

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  1. Good luck with it all.
    I’ve always concidered myself super lucky to only have a small hole in my heart which doesn’t requre sugray. I hope all goes weill for you.

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