He called my bluff..

By Rheannon from Reno.
In a quest to win back my ex boyfriend, I started thinking of ways to make myself hotter. I have always known he is a sucker for tattoos and piercings so I started thinking about what I might want, or what might look good on me. All I could think about that I would actually want on my body was a belly button piercing.

But being so afraid of the pain and of it looking horrible, I thought it was one of those ideas I’d only THINK about doing, and it wasn‘t even a serious thought.

The only person I told about my thought was our mutual friend, Arthur. He immediately said he wanted to get it for my birthday coming up in a few weeks. After a lot of begging I jokingly agreed to let him pay, if he could find a place under $45. It turned out, his favorite piercing place, Fondue in Sparks, Nevada, had a great deal with a naval piercing and your choice of jewelry for $40.

A few days later he showed up to take me there, and caught me completely off guard. Before we went my ex told me how much it would hurt (worse than my ears had, worse than my tattoo, and much worse than his lip or ear cartilage had.)

We got there and he told the girl behind the counter that he had called and I was there for the naval piercing. Apparently he had told her what a chicken I was, because the entire staff went from polite to overly caring, talking to me in hushed tones like you would use to sooth a crying baby. I chose jewelry with light blue stones to match my tattoo, and into the room we went.

The piercer told me the step by step process, and cleaned me off and marked her spot. I went along with the marks she made, trusting her after she washed and remarked me a few times to make sure it was perfect. If she was happy with it, I figured I was too. So I laid down and clutched Arthur’s hand over my eyes as the piercer tried to keep me calm. I flinched at the clamps she put on my stomach, and held my breath. After instructing me to breathe in and out a few times, she told me to take a deep breath and suddenly it was over! I hardly felt a thing 🙂

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