Have you considered a Reverse Belly Ring?

Reverse Belly RingWhen you are searching for your next belly button ring, it may be worth considering a reverse ring. Many people don’t even know that reverse belly rings exist but they can actually be the perfect choice for a new navel piercing.

What Makes Reverse Belly Rings Different

A reverse belly ring hangs from the top of the navel rather than the bottom. This gives it a slightly different look to most other belly rings. However, for many they actually prefer the appearance of the reverse ring and it does come in a number of styles to suit all tastes.

One of the main advantages to reverse rings however, is the fact that they are more comfortable to wear than other types of rings. They are less likely to catch on anything which in itself is a fantastic advantage. The pain associated with catching a belly button ring is cringe-worthy. So avoiding that pain is definitely considered an advantage!

The designs range from elegant to fun and feminine. It doesn’t matter about your age, there will always be a reverse belly ring to suit you. They come in a wide range of colors too. If you are searching for something a little different then why not consider a ring that combines a number of different colors? This will give an eye catching appearance and typically the best designs for this include flowers and butterflies. They are feminine but in a fun and sexy way.

If you find that after your piercing, you have crooked results then you can use a helix design reverse belly ring to make it look straight. Helix designs make any piercing look straight so they are perfect for any piercing which has gone wrong.

Overall reverse belly rings are a great option for anyone who has had their navel pierced. They are safer to wear and they come in styles to suit all needs. So why not consider choosing a reverse belly ring today and see how you could benefit?

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