Happy Mother’s Day to me!

By Alicia from TX.
 I’m almost 30, have 3 kids, and am on my second marriage. I didn’t even get my first tattoo until after I got divorced from my first husband.

I had been trying to convince my ultra conservative (so I though) husband to agree to letting me get my navel pierced.

After almost a month of nagging him about it (lol) he finally agreed. He and our kids decided it would be a great Mother’s Day experience for me. I was thrilled!

We go to the shop where I was getting it done at. The shop was super clean. The owner and employees very friendly.

Although I have 3 kids and a decent sized tattoo, I’m terrified of needles. After discussing my concerns with the piercer, he set about putting my mind at ease.
I picked out the jewelry I wanted, then followed him to a room only used for piercings. I was pleasantly surprised at how sterile the place was! The piercer and my husband both kept me talking to take my mind off of what was about to happen.

It didn’t hurt at all! I was so surprised. However, the best was et to come.
My ultra conservative husband had a BIG surprise for me. He got his nipples AND his eyebrow pierced! It turned out to be one of the best experiences of our time together thus far!

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