Green and love it..

By Yamelis, from West Palm Beach.

Well first of all, i know and fat with streack mark so what is my body and i love it!

This is my belly button piercing is green and cute as you can see, I dit it yesterday 7/6/10, this is actually my third one you can tell in the picture cause of the scar that i have between the piercing. Ok so this is my story the firt one i decided to do it when i was 16 but my body rejected so i take it out and leve heal. Then when i was 18 did my second one that one ripped my skin out the is whay the scar that i have but is not the bad at all. Now my story as of today.

Im 22 years old, im a mother with a 2 year old child. i did it again cause i love my body even if im fat with strech mark. How i actually decided if because i found this web site and read all of you story and that really make me want it again so i did it hoping it dosent reject this time.
I when to class act tattoo that is located in west palm beach where i live. First i when to see the parlor and it was so clean and smell so good that i ecedid to do it here, it cost me $40 dollar, the piercer was so nice with me he tell me how to properly clean it and he told me to use sea salt 2 time a day and after use a little bit of bactine but im only using sea salt as it doing so well with only that i dont want to ruin my happy moment with my sexy belly lol. he told my to not change the jewelry until is really heal cause i dont have to much skin to hold it cause of the skin i lose with my second experience. I dont use antibactirial soap cause it get my skin dry and irritated. Trust me the sea salt work really well this is my second day but everytime i do the sea salt soak 10 min it itch so much after so this is a good sing.

My husband at first dint want me to get but now he love it he is always want to look at it cause he say it look s sexy on my wich is a big deal for me, my son is curious too so he always pulling my shirt up to see it. I dont have any problem with my parent so i dont have to hide it from no one. I dont show to much my belly!
but now
is different cause im really confident and hey now i have a belly piercing so what if i show it that is why i get it righ.

This is my story and girl that are big girl and always want it but they benn thinking how it will look i way go for it if you really one it so bad cause it make you look cute and you will be more confident if you are not you dont have to show it all the time even skinni girl dont show all the time so why not us that ae big girl where are the same except different body. So get inspire and do it. you will look sexy and cute.

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